Friday, 9 July 2010

DVD Cover of Super Human

The back of the DVD case summarises what it's about. It also mentions the director aswell as the artists included in the DVD. It also gives the buyer a track listing so they know which singles the DVD includes. In smaller print, after the track listing

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ideas for magazine/dvd cover

Preliminary Task : Pass out

Analysis of Feedback

Every single group commented on how some of the aspects of the lip syncing wasn't in time. This would be something to improve on when it comes to the actual music video. Our visuals and music went well. We didn't really understand the comment about a sports themed film. Our green screen worked quite well however somebody did comment on how a change of scenery would make the video more interesting.

Feedback from S133

The genre characteristics are good because of the costume and the colours used. The visual and the lyrics matches because when they say pass out they pretend to pass out. When the rain falls down it matches the ,yrics, this is good visual/music. The lip syncing wasn't great and this could easily be approved.


Lip syncing was a bit out at bits, but most of the time it was good.
Some good visuals to lyrics even if accidental with Julian with money on his shirt as this is commonly associated with rapping.
Sells the artists well as we can always see them dancing around rapping.
Fits in with genre characterists.
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